2nd Edition of Youth Conference in 2019

YHRC Nepal Second Edition Youth Conference 2019 has concluded with immense success and enthusiasm. The conference has brought out the significance of youth power to empower people all the way through human rights education essentially discussed and deliberated among the youth delegates and observers. As a organizer, we would like to heartily thanks Honorable Chief Guest Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Pradip Kumar Gyawali, Honorable Member of National Human Rights Commission, Mr. Sudip Pathak , other distinguished guests, youth leaders and motivators for their invaluable presence and words. We really appreciate the presence of youth delegates and observers and hope this event will add up positive attitude toward human rights and encourage speaking out against the abuses and violations in the society. We’d also like to thank the event supporters and well-wishers.

Some of the striking points regarding the burning issues related to human rights and youth empowerment has raised as suggestions to be put forward to the concerned authorities are summarized in the following points:

  • Youth are the ones who live with the thought of improving the present, so they need the clear cut as well as in-depth knowledge of human rights.

  • As youth only can disseminate human rights education successfully, there is the need of educating at least ten lakh youths every year regarding the knowledge of human rights. The youth delegate present in the conference consented and made commitment to carry out this task.

  • If youths understand human rights, they can utilize it and get benefitted for many years in their own lives too.

  • In order to implement the knowledge of human rights in real sense and bring it into practice, there must be the sense of realization of one’s duties and responsibilities along with the demand of rights.

  • During the protests and movements raised for ensuring people’s rights, the police personnel appear too cruel and brutal. This must be reformed and made flexible.

  • Human rights must be connected to humanity. Social welfare and harmony is possible through the due practice of human rights.

  • Human rights and corruption control are inseparable. The assurance of human rights seeks zero tolerance to corruption. Youth must fight against corruption of any kind, and contributed to good governance.

  • Youth must not be followers, but they must be path-finders and fore-runners in any creative and innovative movements.

  • Youth like us cannot be the protector of human rights (it is the government) but they are the campaigners.

  • Educated youth must speak on the human rights issues only after studying international treaties and covenants.

  • Rights to education and right to employment are the most crucial things for youth.

  • For the formation and reformation of national laws, plans and policies, the participation of youth in politics is the must. They can have fullest contribution to the nation through polities.

  • Human rights must be connected with human happiness, for that they must be the awareness and assurance of good health.

  • Youth must be ready to protect and conserve the environment. They must be ready to make it clear among all that people’s rights to live healthily can be guaranteed only after the conservation of world’s forests and biosphere.

  • There are lots of cases of human rights violations in the sector of foreign employment; youth must pay their keen eyes to this crucial section of Nepalese life.

  • Human violation cases often occur in children homes. Youth must be alert on this issue.

  • In some school and colleges sexual assault cases take place. What measures can be effective to eliminate them?

  • Human rights commission is often pulled to debate on the issue of human rights violations and the subsequent treatments to such cases. That is, why is H.R commission unable to take due actions?

  • There must be timely change in curriculum and human rights education must be included in the school and college level course.

  • Curriculum is often developed in Nepal adjusting the interest of foreigners, i.e. powerful countries.

  • Human rights education must be practiced in the family first.

  • Educating the parents is the most important.

  • The relations between husband and wife must be made just and fair with the knowledge and implementation of law.

  • Human rights of third sex people and other marginalized group people is often violated and ignored. It is really serious matter.

  • Youth must be ready work by building network. They must be ready to take inspiration from each other, as there are high achievers among them.

  • In conclusion, youth are there and must be there to raise voice against unfairness, injustice, discrimination and malpractices of any kinds.

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