“Youth for Human Rights Campaign Nepal” successfully completed its second edition national conference in Kathmandu on 11 & 12 September, 2019. The conference revolved around the activities and the theme suggested by its title “Youth Power To Empower People Through Human Rights Education”.

The participants included the distinguished personalities from different walks of life from the minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Member of National Human Rights Commission to the vice chairperson of youth council, Former IGP of Armed police Force, Professors, Writers, Advocates, youth leaders, campaigners, motivators and many such representations as the guests; and more than 150 youth delegates representing 77 districts and different communities of the nation.

Some of the striking points regarding the burning issues related to human rights raised as suggestions to be put forward to the concerned authorities are summarized in the following points;

  • Youth are the ones who live with the thought of improving the present, so they need the clear cut as well as in-depth knowledge of human rights.

  • As youth only can disseminate human rights education successfully, there is the need of educating at least ten lakh youths every year regarding the knowledge of human rights. The youth delegate present in the conference consented and made commitment to carry out this task.

  • If youths understand human rights, they can utilize it and get benefitted for many years in their own lives too.

  • In order to implement the knowledge of human rights in real sense and bring it into practice, there must be the sense of realization of one’s duties and responsibilities along with the demand of rights.

  • During the protests and movements raised for ensuring people’s rights, the police personnel appear too cruel and brutal. This must be reformed and made flexible.

  • Human rights must be connected to humanity. Social welfare and harmony is possible through the due practice of human rights.

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