Youth for Human Rights International’s 5th Annual South Asia Summit on Human Rights 2017

Youth for Human Rights International’s "5th Annual South Asia Summit on Human Rights 2017” had held in New Delhi, India from 22nd – 23rd March 2017. YHRI’s focus at the 2017 Conference is to deliver innovative Human Rights Educational content that embraces this new era, enable capacity building, Volunteers networking, and peer-to-peer learning via Success Stories. In the Summit, YHRI President Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, YHRI South Asia Director, Andrew Chalmers and other personalities shared their views on human rights.

As part of the delegation, Director of Youth for Human Rights Campaign Nepal, Rishi Gautam and members Baikuntha Thapa, Sabita Neupane and Abhinash Timalsina from Nepal joined together with other leaders and practitioners from all over the world to gain access to a global network, engage with other sustainability leaders to bring their insights into their initiatives, seek lasting collaborations with potential new partners and Volunteers. Moreover delegations will bring the global perspective to leading edge content; around best practices, innovations and trends that are empowering Human Rights Education. In the summit, Mr. Rishi Gautam representing Nepal presented the YHRI activities report showing human rights condition and focus the importance of HR education in Nepal.

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