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Human Rights Education for All

Youth for Human Rights Campaign Nepal (YHRC NEPAL) is a non-profit, non-government and non-political organization established in September 2011 and registered at the District Administration Office, Kathmandu (Regd.No.33/068/069) under the Organization Registration Act 2034. It has been also affiliated with Social Welfare Council (affiliation no. 33109/068/069). It is a rights-based organization actively engaged in the education and promotion of human rights, working particularly among the Youth (in school, colleges and social settings) to promote the respect, recognition and protection of the individual and collective rights and activities at the national level. It has also been engaged for providing the educational program of Human Rights and capacity building (training, workshop, meetings, human rights database building), campaign and urgent appeals, networking and strengthening relationship and make youth aware about it. It has been closely working with National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), National Women Commission (NWC), National Dalit Commission (NDC), Human Rights Cell of Prime Minister Office, Security Agencies, National and International Organizations.


YHRC NEPAL maintains that children who do not know their rights are vulnerable and easy prey for ill-intended individuals. Statistics of loss of dignity and life through child abuse, gang violence and child labour is staggeringly high. Thus, YHRC NEPAL holds the view that Human rights education should be one of the fundamental and core aspects of every school and college. YHRC NEPAL strongly believes that human rights of all should be guaranteed. So it aims to organize consultation and awareness raising campaign in different parts of the country while lobbying with political actors and government to bring about significant laws that and minimize the incidents of rights violation by bringing perpetrators to justice. YHRC-Nepal, since 2011, has been working particularly among the youth. It has been involved in raising awareness on Human Rights violation, Documentation, Fact-Findings, and providing referral support to the victims to relevant authorities for justice.



Photo: YHRC NEPAL Director, Rishiram Gautam with Honorable Vice President of Nepal, Nanda Bahadur Pun; giving Human Rights kit.



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