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      nd YHRC Nepal Conference 2019 on “Youth Power to Empower People; Through Human Rights Education” is going to be held on 11-12 September, 2019 in Kathmandu, Nepal


Nepal is known as one of the small yet beautiful countries in the world.  Renowned for its abundance of natural beauty; bio-diversity; ethnic, linguistic, and social diversity; and historical and cultural wealth, it has been the frequent destination for the people across the globe. Apart from being an attractive destination for adventure, Nepal’s local lifestyle, its culture, tradition, historical heritage and ever welcoming nature of Nepalese shows a tremendous prospect of tourism ahead in Nepal. However, at the backdrop of such beautiful things, persistent abuses of economic, educational, social, and cultural rights have made the conscious citizens very sad. Due to ever growing cases of rape, sexual harassment, dowry death, cyber crime, untouchability, bonded labor, early marriage, school drop outs, chaupadi system, witchcraft, indifferent attitude of youth towards senior citizens, involvement of young children in blue collar jobs, human trafficking, exploitation to vulnerable people, superstitious belief system, discriminatory behavior to powerless people, misuse of power, insecurities, immunity, and so many others anti-social activities  are  great slur to civilized society.

Youth for Human Rights Campaign (YHRC), therefore, proposes to organize human rights awareness program intensively by involving youth from different walks of life. This program will help the youth to drive themselves to promote and protect the human rights. Youths are both violators and protectors of human rights, in this sense; they must be productively used for the positive changes. Keeping this point into consideration, YHRC Nepal is going to organize the above-mentioned conference to disseminate the human rights education among the youth to establish equality, justice and freedom in the society.

As youth compose a greater share of the population, empowering them to engage and take an active role in advocacy of human rights education can play a critical role in societal change and improving human rights. Thus, YHRC Nepal increasingly seeks new ways to engage youth in advocating, promoting and protecting human rights to make it a global reality.

We, thus expect youth participants from across the nation to participate in the conference so as to give and take new input regarding the human rights education and issues in Nepal. The motto of this conference is to involve youth from across the nation so that they will make contribution to promote and protect human rights through their ideas and insights to establish equality, justice and freedom in each and every community of the nation.


Second Edition Youth Conference -2019 on 'Youth Power to Empower People; Through Human Rights Education'
२०१९ सेप्टेम्बर ११, १०:०० – २०१९ सेप्टेम्बर १२, १६:००
Buddhanagar, Alfa Beta Complex,
Buddhanagar, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
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